My first craft show application…….

My first craft show application. I am scared out of my mind. It is a juried show in DC, so not everyone who applies will be accepted. It is nerve racking to put your work and yourself out there to be judged. However, as an entrepreneur, I guess I should expect that. I want to take my jewelry and business to the next level and craft shows are the path to do that. It’s been a tough road. Last year I had to put my business on hold to deal with some serious health issues, and while I still sold some pieces, my plans to participate in markets and craft fairs were derailed. It was a depressing time and I questioned my skills, my products, and whether I should be doing this at all. But I stayed determined, focused on getting better, and am back in full swing- even if my Etsy account doesn’t show it. No matter what happens I am proud of myself for applying and will continue to do so for other craft fairs.
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Working on #craftybastard show application. Wish me #luck #firsttimer #crafty #craftfair #craftshow #market #handmadeinDC #100wordsorless