AWADJ- is that you too?

An “Artist with A Day Job.” That’s me. Working a day gig and creating Cadence Archer™ jewelry by night. #AWADJ

Woman Down! Crutches and a Cast

So I recently suffered a broken foot and it’s been a real bummer.  I’m on crutches and with a lovely drab cast and I can’t walk for weeks. Being immobile is really frustrating and brought new meaning to the word “dependent.” But most disappointing is that I’ve had to close my Etsy store for a little while, as I won’t be able to get orders out for a bit.  I love making jewelry and having a creative outlet keeps me sane. So on a positive note, I’m using the time to write more on this blog, brainstorm products, get samples, try out new packaging, and most importantly……..HEAL.    So like the Facebook page, follow me on instagram and twitter, subscribe to the blog, and stay tuned for all the latest.